Loft studio

We moved into our house a year and a half ago and it has helped transform my art. The loft space in the house is semi-converted so it has great storage space, carpet, built-in desk and very good lighting with a decent roof window and LED strip light. Also, the pitch of the roof is [...]


The benefits of sketching everyday are invaluable. There are loads of artists out there who commit to a sketch a day - check them out, #sketchaday. As I mentioned in my last post I have recently become a dad so time is even more limited for artwork but I have wanted to get my eye [...]

In the mood for painting

In terms of painting it's been a quiet time as I've been a little busy with the arrival of my baby daughter. Six weeks in and we're getting used to our new home life and I'm itching to get painting again. I dipped into a commission piece on Sunday and will continue to work on [...]

Catch up

Here's a little catch up on how I came to put on a solo exhibition earlier this year. I have always loved drawing and painting and throughout my childhood spent hours drawing my favourite footballers who played for my favourite team (Spurs). I studied art at school and college but went down the graphic design [...]