The film gives a little insight into how and why I paint. Thanks to film maker Callum Robertson who approached me in early 2019 and asked me to be part of his artist series of films.  See more of Callum’s work here:

I studied art and design at Wimbledon School of Art followed by a graphic design degree at Camberwell College of Arts. I’ve worked full-time on weekly print publications since 2006.

For many years I dabbled in oil painting until March 2013 a desire to become a better painter led me to a figurative art course. It was an excellent experience and confirmed a love of oil painting which has developed into a career through regular painting endeavours.

In July 2013 I took part in an outdoor quick-paint event. The experience of painting from life on the street was new to me and I enjoyed it immensely. I now paint the vast majority of my work with the subject in front of me. Inspiration comes from everyday life – people, places, still life objects – and the challenge of translating three-dimensional subjects into a convincing two-dimensional oil painting.