Ashford Art Club demo

On Thursday 8 June I demonstrated a still life painting in oils at Ashford Art Club. It was the third time I've demonstrated at the club and on this occasion I talked through painting reflective objects. I was ready for a cup of coffee after talking for and hour and half while staring at a [...]

Buxton Spa Prize

Back in May I took part in a plein air event in Buxton. It's a bit of a journey from where I live but as I'm unable to make Pintar Rapido (another plein air event) in London this year I thought I'd make the trip and give this event a go. Having travelled up on [...]

Self-portrait 2017

Before getting the paints and palette out it is important to plan the composition of your painting. My home studio is in a semi-converted loft. For my self-portrait I positioned myself halfway up the ladder entering the studio through the loft hatch. To capture the image and provide myself with a reference I set up [...]

Plein air painting

In case you don't know, plein air painting is a French term for painting outside from life, with the subject in front of you. I first tried it in 2013 and quickly discovered it to be a huge challenge compared to studio painting. Despite facing a number of obstacles such as changing light conditions, keeping warm/cool/dry [...]

Ticking along

Life, Christmas and marathon training have taken over studio time of late so it's been a few months since I last wrote a blog post. During that time I've also slowed my pace of work and produced less art, however I feel like I've been ticking along ok with plenty of desire and ideas for [...]

Landmark learning curve

Last weekend (15-16 October) I had a stand at the Autum Art Fair at Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington. It was my first art fair and it proved to be an invaluable experience. The point of taking part primarily is to sell work. Thankfully I sold a couple of paintings – two of my favourites. [...]

Amélie portrait

The first question people often ask when they view a painting of mine is: 'How long did that take you?' The answer varies from painting to painting depending on the subject and size of the canvas. I spend the most time on portraits. Here are the stages of a recent portrait of my daughter Amélie, [...]

Loft studio

We moved into our house a year and a half ago and it has helped transform my art. The loft space in the house is semi-converted so it has great storage space, carpet, built-in desk and very good lighting with a decent roof window and LED strip light. Also, the pitch of the roof is [...]


The benefits of sketching everyday are invaluable. There are loads of artists out there who commit to a sketch a day - check them out, #sketchaday. As I mentioned in my last post I have recently become a dad so time is even more limited for artwork but I have wanted to get my eye [...]


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