Clyde & Co exhibition

Following the recent Guildford Arts Summer Exhibition I was invited to show my work as part of a group exhibit for three months in an international law firm’s office. 

The private view for the exhibition was last night and it was a great event. Not really knowing what to expect before I got there I imagined a small gathering but there were probably 70-80 in attendance which made for a good atmosphere. 

The curator, Sue Dragon, from Guildford Arts has done a brilliant job bringing together a diverse range of work and has professionally hung the exhibition. 

The guest speaker for the private view was a fellow exhibitor, Rachael Talibart, who makes fine art photographs. She spoke intelligently about her process and gave interesting incites into her creativity. One point she made was about the time it takes to make a photograph. It might be 1,000th of a second to capture a picture but it’s taken countless hours of dedication to be in the right place at the right time with years of learning behind you to enable you to take the photograph.

I read a tweet this week from another artist relaying a conversation with a passerby as he painted a picture which backs up the point made by Rachael: 

‘How long did that take you to paint?’

‘Three hours… and 10,000 hours of practice.’

It made me smile when I read it as it is so true. I’m nowhere near 10,000 hours of practice yet but I’m on my way and the more I paint, the more I learn about painting and realise there’s thousands of hours worth still to learn before I’m able to paint how I’d like to.

All in in all a positive week with another early morning plein air before work and the completition of a portrait commission. I’ve just varnished three paintings before sitting down to jot down these thoughts.

Thanks for reading!