landmark-autumn-art-for-homepageLast weekend (15-16 October) I had a stand at the Autum Art Fair at Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington. It was my first art fair and it proved to be an invaluable experience.

The point of taking part primarily is to sell work. Thankfully I sold a couple of paintings – two of my favourites. In some ways it’s sad to see them go(!) but I’m pleased to say that one of my White Hart Lane paintings has gone to a good home (a Spurs season ticket holder)

So, I covered my costs and made a bit of pocket money but I gained loads more from the experience. Simple things like seeing how other artists transport their paintings safely without getting tied up in bubble wrap and masking tape. But also more importantly, having spent the best part of 18 hours looking at 30 or so of my paintings, I could clearly see what works and what doesn’t work in my art, presentation and framing. I felt a real buzz about getting back in the studio and working on new paintings and I’m really looking forward to showing my work again, armed with better knowledge and skills.

On the same weekend I closed a silent auction for an A4 framed oil painting which I’m pleased to say has been won by a client who previously commissioned a painting last year. Their winning bid will be going to The Salvation Army’s Big Collection and I’m looking forward to cracking on with their chosen painting soon.

barryLife drawing is going well at Chertsey Artists Thursday night session. I can see an improvement in my drawing after only three evenings. Here is a picture of my latest drawing.

Thanks for reading!