During the Covid lockdowns there were many drawing sessions available via Zoom for those who wanted to continue to work from a live model. For a couple of reasons it wasn’t for me so by the time restrictions were lifted and in person life drawing sessions returned I was more than ready to work from models again.

I’m attending sessions at Chertsey Artists on alternate Thursdays and have recently joined up with Wokingham Life Drawing Society on alternate Mondays. It has been a joy to draw and paint in a group environment. There is a certain energy in the room when a group of like minded souls are simultaneously creating work. The atmosphere is relaxed but there is also serious concentration and creativity going on. The varied response to the same subject by each artist fascinates me.

There has been a social element that I’ve valued too as the opportunity to talk with others on the subject of art has been enjoyable and worthwhile. And it’s always good to meet some of the people I’ve previously followed on social media.

There are many benefits to drawing including improved creativity, expression, mental health and better communication. As a practicing artist I find life drawing sessions vital in becoming better at my trade. Attempting to capture the human figure is challenging and unforgiving. The better I can become at doing that the better I’ll become in all areas of my art practice.