The benefits of sketching everyday are invaluable. There are loads of artists out there who commit to a sketch a day – check them out, #sketchaday.

As I mentioned in my last post I have recently become a dad so time is even more limited for artwork but I have wanted to get my eye back in so I decided to commit to three sketches a day for a week. I only managed five days (close enough!) and one of those days I completed just one sketch but it’s my favourite of the week and I’d like to turn it into painting. It’s a drawing of Elephant and Castle underground station. The building is very close to my office so I sat during a sunny lunchtime and sketched from life which was a real treat!

I finished a commission the other week of a Spitfire which I will be taking off the stretches and rolling for transportation to Australia. I have never taken a canvas off the stretch bars before so I’ll be doing some YouTube research in the coming days. I hope it works! I’ll reveal the painting when the recipient has seen it.

img_9758Talking of which. Here is a commission I completed late 2015 but has only just been received. Jasmine approached me and asked if I’d paint her and her dog, Sausage, outside their home. It was a gift for her fianc√© on their wedding day. Here’s the result.
I have 22 paintings on display and for sale at Rendezvous Cafe in Maidenhead Town Hall throughout June. I booked the space through Art on the Street and hadn’t seen the layout before I arrived. I guess it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but that’s ok. It’s maybe better described as a staff restaurant than a cafe (although it is open to the public). It’s better to have my work on display instead of lined up in my studio though so who knows, I may make a new contact or sale. They make great coffee!

Next up, I plan to work on some portraits and look ahead to the summer plein air season.

Thanks for reading!