For a while I’ve fancied doing a collage and while visiting Patchings Art Festival earlier in the summer I saw a few examples of accomplished collage work that inspired me to have a go.

The magazine I design for happens to be printed by the same company that print the Spurs match day programmes. Because of this I’m fortunate to have a good supply of programmes –the perfect supply of material for creating a tribute to White Hart Lane.

This image measures 16 x 12 inches and I enjoyed working on it so much that I plan on producing a much bigger collage of the lane, ready for display and sale at the Landmark Arts Fair in October.

The process of building an image using torn pieces of paper is not massively dissimilar to painting a picture, it’s just the palette of colour comes from a different source. It’s interesting to see how suggestive you can be and still successfully describe objects.

Tearing and pasting was a therapeutic process. I’ve often thought about how much I’d have loved graphic design work before the digital age where cut and paste page make-up and draughtsmanship were essential skills.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next WHL collage.

Thanks for reading!